What roll does education play in Freemasonry?


Education is an important aspect of Freemasonry. Masonic education takes three primary forms:

1. Ritual

2. Lectures

3. Masonic literature

Masonic rituals are passion plays in which the candidate takes part. The teachings of ritual deal with issues including secrecy, morality and immortality. Symbolic teaching is a significant aspect of ritual. Most Grand Lodges produce a "monitor" which explains the meaning of most of the Masonic symbols. Monitors are written in plain English and may be read and understood by non-Masons. However, the non-Mason would not have the advantage of seeing the ritual drama. Lectures are part of each of the three degrees in the Blue Lodge. There are other lectures which provide education at other times on a variety of topics relating to Masonry. Numerous books are available to the Master Mason to explain the "deeper thing of the craft." Some of this literature is Luciferian, or Satanic in nature. However, no where in Masonic ritual is Lucifer or Satan mentioned. Jesus is not mentioned either.

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