A Prodigal Son


I was saved during a revival at our church when I was 13. Growing up I went to church and was trying to do right by the Lord. But when I joined the Army and left home to see the world, well, old Satan went with me.

For the next 15 years Satan kept me in bars, strip joints, other women's beds and out of the church. In 1994, I felt something was missing in my life.  At about that time I met a guy who was a Mason.   My daddy, and my grandpa were both Mason's but I hadn't thought much about it until I met the man.  To make a long story short he helped me to join the lodge.  I was made a Master Mason on the first of September, 1994. I thought I had found what I had been missing.  But it was still the devil up to his old tricks.

In January, 1996 I did a tour in Japan and met a man who would help change my life. Howard was a good friend and dedicated Christian. For the next two years he tried to get me to church and I tried to get him to the lodge. Shortly after the new year (1997),   I finally went to church with him. The next Sunday, after much heartache and a lot of soul searching, I finally found what I was really looking for.....Jesus.

I rededicated my life to the Lord and the next day another friend, came up to me and passed me a Chick tract on Freemasonry. Well after reading that and spending the next two weeks in research, the Lord opened my eyes and showed me what I had really been doing. Needless to say I promptly demitted from my lodge, and got rid of all my Masonic stuff (regretfully now, for the research value). The next Sunday I made a clean public break with the lodge at church. Incidentally, the Holy Spirit also helped me to quit smoking.   I haven't looked back since.

I felt that I was alone, until I found Ex-Masons for Jesus.   I hope to be able to have long and fruitful friendships. If the Lord leads me, I hope to have a ministry here in the south.   Your assistance and fellowship will greatly help. 

In Christ,

Chuck H.



Our Ministry Vision

How can you tell the teachings of Freemasony are false?