What topics are covered in Masonic Lectures?


Masonic lectures cover various aspects of the moral and spiritual teachings of Freemasonry and explanations of the symbols. Some portions of the lectures are conducted in the form of questions and answers, as part of the proficiencies, or memory work. For example, this section is from  Entered Apprentice degree memory work:

Question: What covering has a Lodge?

Answer:   A clouded canopy or star-decked heaven, where all good Masons hope  at last to arrive, by the aid of that theological ladder which Jacob in his vision saw ascending from earth to heaven, the three principal rounds of which are denominated Faith, Hope, and Charity; and which admonish us to have faith in God, hope in immortality, and charity to all mankind.

Masons are admonished  in ritual to hope for eternal life.   The Moslem, Hindu, or Mormon Mason is encouraged to hope that he will go to heaven, even though he does not have faith in the Biblical Christ.  (See John 14:6)

Another example, from the Master Mason degree memory work, also deals with charity:

Question:. Are you a Master Mason?

Answer:    I am.

Question:  What induced you to become a Master Mason?

Answer:    In order that I might receive Masters’ wages, and be thereby better enabled to support myself and family, and contribute to the relief of poor, distressed Master Masons, their widows and orphans.

Masonic charity is directed toward Masonic recipients in many cases.

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