Is Freemasonry a religion?


Since Freemasonry has a plan of salvation it is absurd to deny that Freemasonry is a religion.  Many Masons deny that Freemasonry is a religion because if they were to admit it, they would not be accepted as Christians and church members.   Other Masons are so blinded by Satan that they cannot see the truth.

Freemasonry teaches men to imitate Hiram Abiff, so that they may get into heaven. The Gospel of Jesus Christ requires faith in the person and claims of Jesus Christ as the means of being redeemed from the death of sin and getting into heaven.

The Christian Mason is faced with a real dilemma.  Can a man have two saviors?  Can he have a vital faith in Jesus Christ, as he imitates Hiram Abiff?  Can he avoid being found guilty of taking part in the promotion of a false plan of salvation?

Can a Christian be a Mason?


Consider Matthew 7:22-23 and Galatians 1:8-9

What will Jesus say? 

Who else’s opinion is really going to matter?

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